aamra Payment Network



Currently there are about 30,000-35,000 Point Of Sale (POS) machines available in the entire merchant network in Bangladesh. The cost of each POS machine is between BDT 25,000-35,000. The high cost of each device has stunted take-up by smaller retailers in rural and urban areas. Similarly, issuing a plastic card costs a bank at least BDT 250, which significantly increases the cost of such technology.


The core objective of this project is to provide alternatives to POS technology, which is expensive in nature and may not viable for businesses with lower daily transactions. This project empowers the sub-urban and rural MSEs with cost-convenient NFC technology through which they will be able to accept digital cash from their customers. This project will also enable partner banks to issue cost-effective ADC (alternative delivery channels) such as NFC tags/cards. 


aamra payment network is an NFC based cost-convenient payment solution. aamra technologies limited (ATL) is implementing this project in conjunction with around three partner banks, primarily for the purpose of digitisation of loan disbursement.


This project aims to empower around 8,000 MSEs by September 2018.