Agribusiness Booster Bangladesh



Agribusiness Booster (AbB) aims to support the growth of early stage business which create opportunities for the poor.  It does this by directly investing patient and supportive capital or by helping businesses raise this type of capital from other investors.


AbB will work with pre-growth agri-SMEs through a tailor made set of investments  and business development services. These companies are grown to  become of a sufficient maturity to deliver social impact. The companies and producer organizations AbB works with are of a size that is considered not to be ‘investable’ for banks and investors and even more friendly impact investors. The unique ‘Co-entrepreneurship’ model will strive to improve economic viability of SMEs through technical assistance, training, and the use of financial services.

Implementing methodology

The project will focus on southern and northern part of Bangladesh due to its suitability and potential density of firms operating within this space and leveraging the consortium’s  knowledge and experience.  AbB follows three steps for implementing its strategy. The phases are

  • Assessment
  • Pre-investment
  • Investment

Both investments and costs for business development are shared with the entrepreneur and recovered by the added value created in the business. This enforces financial sustainability and has the potential to deliver lasting long term impacts, particularly with more transformative businesses that are able to either develop linkages with other SMEs / farmers and / or able to go to scale with increased employment generation effects.


Business Development Services: Provided to 42 SMEs
Investment: 17 SMEs

Agribusiness Booster Bangladesh