The small rural and enterprising poor require the same resources as every determined entrepreneur needs – access to capital and practical training.


The project aims to rapidly expand MSE Financing using Agent touch points. “Diganta” is an extension of Bank Asia’s agent banking network to generate a larger footprint for its banking services throughout the country. It gives communities access to necessary financing and banking services, while teaching them to become self-sustainable.


Bank Asia uses its own MSE finance programme to provide Micro & Small loans to optimistic entrepreneurs in the under-developed regions of Bangladesh. Typically, Micro & Small Enterprises (MSEs) in various parts of the country do not have collateral or may not have a credit history to secure a traditional loan. The local Bank Asia Agent points are channeling these loan propositions under the banner of Diganta. By providing greater automation of the loan approval process, the bank is able to drastically reduce the time taken to assess and approve financing proposals. 


By December 2018, 10,000 MSEs will have access to finance, with BDT 3 billion worth of loans provided to participating MSEs.

Bank Asia Diganta - diagram