Research/Working Papers

1. Research Study Report on ‘Diagnostics of Micro-enterprise (ME) Lending by MFIs in Bangladesh: Opportunities and Challenges’

The report identifies key opportunities, challenges and way forward for microfinance institutions (MFIs) to expand micro-enterprise (ME) lending and deposit services in Bangladesh. The analysis is based on secondary data collected from Bangladesh Bank (BB), Microcredit Regulatory Authority (MRA) and MFIs; and primary data collected from 600 MEs and information through discussions with BB, MRA, banks, and MFIs.

Several issues guide the analysis of the study. First, why development of MEs is so important in Bangladesh? Second, what constraints do MEs face in their development? Third, to what extent is finance a critical factor? Fourth, what is the existing demand-supply gap of ME credit? Fifth, what policies/strategies should be taken to promote and develop MEs through MFIs?

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2.Research Study Report on ‘Review of SME Credit-related Policies of Bangladesh Bank Areas of further improvement with a focus on Micro and Small Enterprise (mSE) Finance’

The overall objectives of this study are the followings:

  • To understand the stakeholder perspectives and experience of using the mSME and SME Policy of BB;
  • Recommend suitable definition of mSMEs that may contribute towards formulation of SME Strategy document of the Ministry of Industry, and MRA’s attempt to defining microenterprises (mEs);
  • Appraise the feasibility of developing two separate policies for financing of different enterprise segments, say, mSEs and medium enterprises (MEs), or, mEs and SMEs; and
  • Recommend further improvements of Bangladesh Bank’s current SME Policy, which is presumed to include micro-enterprises as well.

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