• UK aid in Bangladesh

    UK aid from the UK government supports the Government of Bangladesh in meeting its target of becoming a middle-income country that no longer needs aid. UK aid’s work emphasises access to basic services and poverty reduction, focusing on lagging areas and excluded groups. Programmes also help to reduce and manage risks to development, especially those related to governance and security, natural disasters and climate change.

    As the foundation for more sustainable, equitable and higher growth and development over the long term, UK aid seeks to further enable private sector development in Bangladesh. Its growth portfolio aims to increase the nation’s competitiveness in attracting investment, improve skills and markets and expand access to credit for individuals and enterprises. The UK’s strategy for its development work in Bangladesh is to work with the Bangladesh government, international agencies, private sector, civil society and development partners to try and build a prosperous and stable country.

  • Nathan Associates (London)

    Nathan Associates (London) Limited, a part of Nathan Associates Inc., since 2005 has provided economic and management consultancy services on a worldwide basis. The firm has contributed to more than 100 projects in 50 countries. Clients include multilateral and bilateral agencies such as the World Bank, European Union, DfID, the Asian Development Bank and the EBRD. The firm specializes in private sector development, agriculture and rural development, and financial sector development.

  • Oxford Policy Management

    Oxford Policy Management was founded in 1979, with the objective of providing sustainable solutions for reducing social and economic disadvantage. Today OPM has offices in nine countries and manages a portfolio of projects throughout the world. The firm has successfully completed over 1,500 projects in 100 countries. OPM’s areas of expertise include research and policy development, project management, and monitoring and evaluation.

  • Bangladesh Bank

    Bangladesh Bank is the central bank of the Republic of Bangladesh and its apex regulatory body responsible for the country’s monetary and financial system. Bangladesh Bank is responsible for bank regulation, formulation of monetary and credit policies, issuance of currency, management of international reserves, regulation and supervision of the payment system, and management of the nation’s deposit insurance scheme. The Bank plays an active role in financial development activities throughout the nation, partnering with national and international institutions to implement programmes benefiting Bangladeshi citizens and firms nationwide.

  • Ministry of Finance

    The Ministry of Finance is composed of four divisions, the Finance Division, the Banking and Financial Institutions Division, the Economic Relations Division, and the Internal Resources Division. BFID deals with legal and policy issues related to banks and non-bank financial institutions. ERD is the division responsible for interfacing with international donor agencies and coordinating development strategies.